Meet the Maker: Yuuya Masada of the Piko Piko Detroit


Tell us a little bit about yourself and Piko Piko Detroit.
My name is Yuuya Masada, founder of the Piko Piko Detroit. Piko Piko Detroit is a netlabel and community for all lovers of pixels and retro bleep sounds. If you think 8-bit, we’d like to be first to what comes to your mind.

What was the inspiration for your project?
We work on a variety of projects. I personally have modified Nintendo Gameboys into musical instruments, and built my own LED Panels to decorate events and my room. We also work on full music productions, as well as anything else of art and science.

How long did it take to create your project?
The LED panels took 2-3 months of research and planning design. Then a whole week of working on it with two people, myself as the designer and my brother as the electrical engineer.

As a maker, what inspires you?
Seeing other makers creating amazing things inspire me to do more to inspire back.

What are you most looking forward to at Maker Faire Detroit this year?
Big stuff. We do very small projects, but it’s wonderful to see large-scale projects come to life at events like Maker Faire.

I’m happy that Maker Faire is going strong even after a few years. I hope we can add to the experience, and wish everyone else a safe and exciting tour/exhibit into Dearborn.

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