Tinker, hack, and invent with W.E.C. Institute


Joining us this Saturday during our Tinker, Hack, Invent day in Henry Ford Museum is the W.E.C. Institute. You might remember them from past Maker Faire Detroit events! Their mission is to “pioneer the science that advances our lives. To inspire youth to follow in our foot steps, stand on our shoulders, and reach beyond our grasp.” Learn a bit more about the group from director Andre Lee Renier.

What will WEC doing during this week’s Tinker, Hack, Invent, Saturday?
We will be showcasing the process we utilize while inventing, fabricating, and recreating the exploding armor. We want to highlight the process of inventing including making mistakes and recreating components.

What are some of the favorite making activities of the WEC team?
We enjoy the brainstorming, creative aspect of all of our projects. Yet, the actual physical building is what truly gets us excited!

What other projects is the team working on these days?
We are currently designing and fabricating a line of public display items that we are pretty excited about. We are hoping to display some of the pieces or ideas for pieces on Saturday.

What’s one tool you can’t live without?
We cannot live without our brains! And a sense of humor is a good “tool” to have as well!

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