Tinker, hack, and invent with our Maker Corps

Are you ready to make an Artbot this weekend at Henry Ford Museum?

Are you ready to make an Artbot this weekend at Henry Ford Museum?

The Maker Corps members at The Henry Ford are individuals that have been working with our Education Department to help inspire young innovators all summer long through our Tinker, Hack, Invent Saturdays and Maker Faire Detroit. We’re excited to have their work and ideas front and center this weekend as part of Saturday’s programming.

Get to know Maker Corp member Mary Foulke, a third-grade teacher from Bailey School in Hillsdale, Mich., and a Henry Ford Teacher Fellow. Mary’s passion is in history and making and is combining those two interests at The Henry Ford all summer. She’s been doing a lot of research on the history of textiles, fibers, and crafts to the present and how that fits in here at The Henry Ford.

What will you be doing during this week’s Tinker, Hack, Invent, Saturday?
This Saturday we will be doing a Make-and-Take project called an “Artbot.” You use a section of a pool noodle, four makers, and an electric toothbrush to make a motorized art tool that creates art!

What are some of the favorite making activities?
My favorite Making activities are knitting, crocheting, sewing, cross-stitching, needle pointing, etc.

What other projects are you working on these days?
I am finishing up a hand knitted shawl.

What’s one making tool you can’t live without?
I could not live without a crochet hook or a pair of knitting needles.

What are you looking forward to about Maker Faire Detroit this year?
Probably the biggest thing I am looking forward to this year is meeting people!

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