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Innovative designs in neckwear: A Maker Minute Feature

Maker Bethany Shorb found her inspiration to silkscreen her original designs on neckties by accident. A little apprensive to test a design on an expensive piece of fabric, she used a thrift store tie she had on hand. She liked the results, took a photo, posted it to Flickr.com – a few blogs picked it up, and soon people were clamoring to know how they could get one.

She built a website in a day, and Cyberoptix TieLab was born. A Boston native, for the past 11-years Bethany has called Detroit home. She works in a large east side studio, and with a little help in packing and order processing, she still personally silkscreens every tie she sells.

At Maker Faire Detroit, Bethany will bring an array of her artistic textiles to display and sell, and she’ll have a demonstration area to let visitors get their hands dirty and experience the process of silkscreening for themselves.

Last year, Make: Magazine gave a tour of her studio and the silkscreen process. Her ties have found their way around the necks of some pretty impressive wearers.