Tinker, hack, and invent with W.E.C. Institute


Joining us this Saturday during our Tinker, Hack, Invent day in Henry Ford Museum is the W.E.C. Institute. You might remember them from past Maker Faire Detroit events! Their mission is to “pioneer the science that advances our lives. To inspire youth to follow in our foot steps, stand on our shoulders, and reach beyond our grasp.” Learn a bit more about the group from director Andre Lee Renier.

What will WEC doing during this week’s Tinker, Hack, Invent, Saturday?
We will be showcasing the process we utilize while inventing, fabricating, and recreating the exploding armor. We want to highlight the process of inventing including making mistakes and recreating components. Continue reading

Looking Back: Maker Faire Detroit 2013

Hacking The Henry Ford

Maker Faire 2013

When I first heard this a few months back, my jaw dropped. Hack the museum?! What?! Are you serious? What museum would even think of doing such a thing? Well, The Henry Ford would. We were indeed opening ourselves up to hacking, but not like you would first think.

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Read the whole story on The Henry Ford blog.

What does Maker Faire mean to you?


As an employee at The Henry Ford, I have seen Maker Faire Detroit from two perspectives: one as an interested spectator, and the other as an attentive employee. However, I have always wondered what Maker Faire Detroit means to those who attend as actual makers. This year, I had the pleasure of discussing with a couple of makers the point of view they have while displaying their projects and products to the metro Detroit public. Continue reading

Download the 2013 Maker Faire Detroit App

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Stay up to date with everything going on at Maker Faire Detroit this weekend! This year’s app, brought to you by Compuware, allows you to search for makers by category or by name, look at each day’s schedule, and even create a personalized scheduled with your favorite Maker Faire Detroit events.

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Meet the Maker: NSF International

IMG_0986Tell us a little bit about NSF International and your on-site activation at Maker Faire Detroit this year.
NSF International has been testing and certifying products for safety, health and the environment for nearly 70 years. As an independent, public health and safety organization, NSF is committed to protecting and improving human health on a global scale. NSF International protects families by testing and certifying thousands of consumer goods each year, including kitchen products and appliances, personal care products, dietary and sport supplements, bottled water, pool and spa equipment, water treatment systems, plumbing fixtures and many other products used in homes every day. Look for the NSF mark on products you purchase.

NSF International microbiologists, chemists, toxicologists and engineers will lead hands-on laboratory experiments with the goal to get kids interested in science as well as emphasize the importance of protecting public health and the environment. NSF demonstrations will explore polymers, an important building block used by chemists. Kids will be able to help make nylon string, see and then touch polymer foam and elephant toothpaste being made using dish soap, yeast and hydrogen peroxide. Other experiments will focus on sustainable and compostable products.

What was the inspiration for your activation?
We plan to demonstrate how science can be fun with summer science experiments and highlight how NSF International helps protect public health and the environment!

How do you think NSF International embodies the making spirit?
NSF International’s Ann Arbor headquarters houses unique and innovative custom labs, including the largest drinking water treatment lab in the world, and NSF’s Applied Research Center, which performs original scientific research and contract testing for universities, government and the private sector geared towards protecting public health.

What are you most looking forward to at Maker Faire Detroit this year?
At NSF International, we work in the fields of science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) every day and we are very excited to share our passion for the sciences and public health. We are looking forward to conducting science experiments with kids, and to encourage them to be more involved in STEM.

Meet the Maker: David Holmes

Skater (23)

Tell us a little bit about yourself and your projects.
I was once described by my elementary school teacher as a “divergent thinker.” My entire life I have lived with the neurotic tendencies to find out how and why everything works. Being of curious mind, and small financial abilities, I usually try to build my own devices, or set out to create new ones. I am also an avid videographer and photographer, and when the time came to do some more professional looking video work, the steep cost of camera gear hindered my abilities. Most camera gear is quite simple. Rolling dollies are nothing more then Rollerblade wheels and PVC pipe. Camera cranes are just parallelograms with support wires and sturdy yet lightweight frames. Nothing was beyond my abilities as a woodworker, so I set out to make all of my gear myself and save quite a bit of cash in the process. As for the PVC train horns, well that’s just my inner child having a bit of fun :) The train horns are very impressive not just from a standpoint that they are made of PVC and they are TRAIN HORNS, but also the fact that something so simple and so cheap to make from standard hardware store items can bring such joy. The number one question I get asked about my train horns is “why?” then after I demonstrate them the next question is “how can I make a set?” Continue reading

Meet the Makers: Craft Faire 2013


Interested in doing a bit of local shopping from some creative area crafters this weekend? Look no further than Maker Faire Detroit’s outdoor midway. Located outside of Henry Ford Museum, this group of crafters has been hand-selected by the organizers of DIYpsi. Like what you see? Mark your calendars for DIYpsi’s next show Aug. 16-18 at Riverside Park in Ypsilanti. Like them on Facebook to stay in the crafty know!


Continue reading

Meet the Maker: John Sugg

Meet Maker Faire Detroit maker John Sugg of i3 Detroit. A participant in the faire since the very first year, i3 Detroit is back once again with a variety of fascinating projects to share with guests. Make sure to visit John and try your hand at his DIY Video Arcade; if you were a Pong master growing up, you won’t want to miss this.

Meet the Maker: Michelle Plucinsky

Located in Dearborn, Mich., not too far from The Henry Ford, the Glass Academy has been bringing hand-crafted works of art to the area for the past 10 years. But artist Michelle Pluncinsky has been perfecting her skills for the past 25 years. Meet one of this weekend’s Maker Faire Detroit makers and learn more about her passion for glass.