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Call to Makers now open!


Makers, get ready! The call to makers for Maker Faire Detroit 2013 is now open. Check out our Call to Makers page to learn more.

Tinker, Hack, and Invent with TechShop Detroit


What will you be doing during this week’s Tinker, Hack, Invent, Saturday?
TechShop Detroit Presents: ROBOTS AND ROCKETS! We’re picturing three levels of simultaneous engagement that should appeal to a broad sweep of ages and interests and each of slightly different participatory format.

Paper Rockets! Something for younger kids in a make, play and take format. We’ll have a station for kids to cut out, assemble and decorate soft paper rockets. We will add our CNC Vinyl cutter to the mix to create special graphics and reinforcing bands for the rockets. Once built, kids (and the young of heart!) can shoot their rocket from a compressed air launcher made from common plumbing parts along a fixed monofilament line that is attached to some point near the ceiling. In this way, we can send the rockets on dramatic indoor flights while controlling precisely where they fly. Each rocket will ride along that monofilament fishing line by hitching onto a section of plastic straw that slides up and down the line. Afterward, folks can take their rockets with. Tools used are paper tape and common scissors. Continue reading