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Fly like a Towel? A Maker Minute Feature

The team at Brooklyn Aerodrome is all about getting folks making and flying. They are makers of a DIY R/C aircraft dubbed the “Towel.” An adventure that started as an art project gone bad has led them to the cover of this month’s issue of Make: magazine.

Breck Baldwin and designer and artist-in-residence Karen King pilot the program that exhibits at Maker Faires and goes out schools, businesses, camps and more. They also hold classes right in their studio in Brooklyn, New York. They take Makers flying in the park early in the morning or later in the evening. Their website and blog link to some very cool video, including aerial shots.

Breck explained, “It’s all about getting you flying airplanes that you build from pieces of junk.” Items like recycled signs, old coat hangers and cloth, etc., are some of the things he mentioned. There’s about $100 of electronics gear needed (if you buy it yourself). He said you can build it in an afternoon or two and then go fly it. He added makers will be able to “crash it a bunch, repair it, and go fly it some more.”

Brooklyn Aerodrome is one of the 400 Makers who will be at Maker Faire Detroit, July 28-29, at The Henry Ford.