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Arts & Scraps

If you’ve been to Maker Faire Detroit, you’ve probably seen Arts & Scraps. Having a lot of crafty fun with their Scrapmobile, the team at Arts & Scraps always bring imaginative projects for crafters of all ages to enjoy. This weekend they’ll be our featured makers at Tinker, Hack, Invent Saturday in Henry Ford Museum. Get to know a little bit more about this organization.

What will Arts & Scraps doing during this week’s Tinker, Hack, Invent Saturday?
Arts & Scraps will provide bulk materials for people of all ages to “create their own invention.” The project involves utilizing creativity, critical thinking, and mechanical engineering to design and build a personalized invention. Using the byproducts of industrial manufacturing, individuals will be able to adhere materials of various shapes, sizes, and consistencies together in a way that will allow them to invent a new product to help make their lives easier, by using their imagination.

What are some of the favorite crafting activities at Arts & Scraps?
Arts & Scraps provides projects and experiences of many different varieties. Projects include holiday-themed crafts, supplemental education kits, interactive learning opportunities at Scrap Junction and with our Scrapmobile.

What other projects is the team working on these days?
Arts & Scraps is heavily involved in the community on an ongoing basis. Working with our corporate partners and with the help of thousands of dedicated volunteers throughout the year, Arts & Scraps provides memorable learning experiences to over 275,000 local area children each year, and recycles between 26 and 28 metric tons of material. Arts & Scraps can be seen in the community at local events, in schools all over metro Detroit and beyond, as well as in local churches and municipalities. For more details on where you can find Arts & Scraps near you, feel free to check out our monthly calendar.

What’s one tool you can’t live without?
Our volunteers. No question about it.

What was your favorite part about Maker Faire Detroit this past year?
The energy. Meeting with all the inspiring makers, gleaning new and refreshing ideas from strangers, enjoying the attractions at The Henry Ford, and having the opportunity to be part of a truly unique and engaging experience has been a very special opportunity for Arts & Scraps that is most certainly greatly appreciated!

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